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1. Complete the sentences with just, already and yet.

1. She’s just learned to walk. She took her forst steps last week.

2. She hasn’t learned to read yet, but she likes the the pictures.

3. She’s already learned to count from one to five and she’s only one year old!

2. Look at Jake’s to-do list for tidying his bedroom. Write sentences using already and yet.

Jake has already tidied his deks.

Jake hasn’t put his CDs on the shelf yet.

Jake hasn’t picked up the towels and put them in the bathroom yet.

Jake has already made the bed.

Jake hasn’t taken the bin downstairs yet.

Jake has already hung up the clothes.

3. Look at the pictures. What has just happend? Write sentences using the verbs in A and the words in B.

1. They have just had an accident.

2. They have just scored a goal.

3. She has just fallen over.

4. She has just won the trophy.

5. It has just started to rain


Ավագ դպրոց 9-4

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