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Write these sentences in indirect speech, changing words where necessary

  1. She said that she would shee me the next day.
  2. He said that he had seen her thet day.
  3. she said that she didn’t like that rilm.
  4. She said that they had gone swimming that day.
  5. He said that he had met her about three-months before.
  6. She said that she would see Mary an Sunday.
  7. She said that Pete and Sue were getting married the next day.
  8. She said that Pete and Sue were getting married the next day.
  9. She sald that she really liked that furniture.
  10. She said that her parents were arriving the next day.
  11. They said that day hed visited her that morning.
  12. They said that they would see her the next summer.
  13. He said that they had been there three mounths before.
  14. He said that he was meeting them at four o’clock that day.
  15. She said that she could see me the next day.

a) Add -s or -es to the verbs:

  1. see-sees
  2. take-takes
  3. brush-brushes
  4. kiss-kisses
  5. call-calls
  6. give-gives
  7. play-plays
  8. study-studies
  9. watch-watches
  10. halp-halps
  11. cut-cuts
  12. cry-cries
  13. swim-swims
  14. wake-wakes
  15. teach-teaches
  16. lose-loses
  17. catch-catches
  18. buy-buys
  19. pass-passes
  20. come-comes
  21. fight-fights
  22. water-waters
  23. choose-chooses
  24. fly-flies
  25. match-matches
  26. carry-carries

b) write the sentences negative.

  1. Rahul does not cycle to work every day.
  2. The shop does not close at 7 o’clock.
  3. Alaan does not eat vegetables.
  4. Anika does not watch Punjabi films.
  5. You do not help your parents.
  6. Amar does not work at the pub.
  7. Tom does not make his bed.
  8. My sister does not play the drums.
  9. The clock does not strike ten.


  1. c)
  2. c)
  3. b)
  4. b)
  5. c)
  6. b)
  7. b)
  8. b)
  9. a)
  10. c)

Fill in don’t or doesn’t:

  1. Bill doesn’t play tennis every sundey.
  2. We dont go to the park.
  3. Kirti doesn’t like to eat fish.
  4. Sham doesn’t wear long dresses.
  5. I dont like to get up early.
  6. My brothers don’t like to drink milk.
  7. My cousin doesn’t know Italian well.
  8. I don’t like to walk with my dog.
  9. Ram doesn’t go to the gym.
  10. They don’t understand this rule.
  11. We don’t ofter go to the movies.
  12. Lily doesn’t wear shorts at all.
  13. Timmy doesn’t grow flowers in the garden.

Past simple vs Present Perfect

  1. I’m hungry. I haven’t eater anything today.
  2. Grandma visited us last weekend.
  3. Look! Tomek has broken his arm.
  4. Sorry, Sir. I have forgotter my homework.
  5. Mrs Ziarko has worked at this school for 5 years.
  6. Uncle Tim has been in hospital since Friday.
  7. Have you ever read a book in English.
  8. They have never lived in a big city.
  9. We haven’t cleaned our room. It’s really messy.
  10. Ola wrote a Maths test last week.

  1. We have not written any English tests this mounth.
  2. My grandma has visited 15 countries in her life.
  3. I ate pizza for launch yesterday.
  4. They read an interesting book last week.
  5. My dad swam in the pacific ocean in 1995.
  6. Have you ever played rubly?
  7. Mr Mandzelowski has tought at our school since 1999.
  8. I’m thissty. I have not drunk arything today.
  9. She saw a penguin in a zoo last August.
  10. They` very proud because they have climbed mout Everest.

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My Christmas Wish

My main dream this year is peace, I want all wars to end. I hope all the patients will recover, and finally Covid-19 will disappear from the world. 2020 was a very bad year for our country, and not only. Covid-19 spread around the world, there was a war, many people lost someone. Let there be no wars in any country in 2021, and no diseases too. I hope 2021 be a year of peace.

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1. Complete the sentences with just, already and yet.

1. She’s just learned to walk. She took her forst steps last week.

2. She hasn’t learned to read yet, but she likes the the pictures.

3. She’s already learned to count from one to five and she’s only one year old!

2. Look at Jake’s to-do list for tidying his bedroom. Write sentences using already and yet.

Jake has already tidied his deks.

Jake hasn’t put his CDs on the shelf yet.

Jake hasn’t picked up the towels and put them in the bathroom yet.

Jake has already made the bed.

Jake hasn’t taken the bin downstairs yet.

Jake has already hung up the clothes.

3. Look at the pictures. What has just happend? Write sentences using the verbs in A and the words in B.

1. They have just had an accident.

2. They have just scored a goal.

3. She has just fallen over.

4. She has just won the trophy.

5. It has just started to rain

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Hometask:9/e,page 59

E. Match the words with their definitions.

  1. Gates-f
  2. Hang around-a
  3. Invent-d
  4. Decades-b
  5. Expression-c
  6. Complain-e

a. To wait or spend time somewhere

b. Groups of ten years

c. A word or phrase

d. to create something new

e. To say that something isn’t (or wasn’t) good

f. Doors in an outside wall or fence

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English translate

Ձկներին մեղադրում էր իրենց թագավորը.
The king  blame fish
— Ինչո՞ւ եք ուտում ձեզնից մանր ձկներին։ Համարձակություն ստանալով՝ ձկները պատասխանում են.
Why do you eat smaller fish to you!
— Որովհետև քեզնից սովորեցինք, շատերը եկան քեզ երկրպագելու, և կլանելով՝ քեզ կերակուր դարձրիր։
because we learned from you, many come to you for  worship absorbed  have you made a meal
Ըստ այդմ իրենք ևս ավելի հանդուգն եղան:
That’s why they became more daring .
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1. Amy and ber ded  are going go make some changes in their lives.

2.Dad is going to check out the gym.

3.Amy is going to give up eating chips.

4.Mum and Dad are going to tidy  her room every weekend.

5.Amy is going to take up running.

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There’s a black table in the dining room.

There are two doors in our living room.

There are four white chairs in our kitchen.

There are three posters one the wall in my bedroom.

There’s a red sofa in my sister’s room.

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Café worker: Next, please! What would you like?
Andi: Can I have a burger, please?
Café worker: A cheese burger or double cheese burger?
Andi: Double cheese burger, please.
Café worker: Anything else?
Andi: Yeah, I’d like some banana cake.
Café worker: Would you like a drink?
Andi: Yes, can I have an apple juice, please?
Café worker: OK, so that’s one double cheese burger, one banana cake and an apple juice. What’s your table number?
Andi: Table 3. How much is that?
Café worker: That’s £8.37, please.
Andi: Here you are.
Café worker: Thank you … that’s £10.00 … and £1.63 change. Next, please …